Crossflash Asus 1608P3S



Hi, I was wondering if someone would be willing to walk me through the steps required to crossflash an Asus 1608P3S drive to the Buffalo 8.29
Any help would be appreciated


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I believe the below Web Link should provide the information you are looking for ->



Yes, that would cover the flashing once I have crossflashed to Pioneer, 111L, but i’m not quite sure how I am supposed to crossflash to that safely, so that I don’t kill the drive. Would I be ok if I flashed straight to the base 8.19 111L?


@ brez17,

The Flashing Guide I provided in the referenced posting has been used numerous times by many individuals. If followed EXACTLY as outline in the Flashing Guide, Flashing to Pioneer DVR-111L v8.29 Buffalo Firmware is safe procedure. Attempting to taking ANY “Short Cuts” from the Flashing Guide detailed procedure could possibly cause unknown unrepairable damage to your Asus 1608P3S. If you want your Asus 1608P3S crossflashed to Pioneer DVR-111L v8.29 Buffalo Firmware, following the Flashing Guide step by step as EXACTLY detailed in the Flashing Guide is the correct way to proceed.



OK thanks