Crossflash and Lightscribe



After a year away from Litey’s with a PIO 109 ,I’m back.
Just a small question ,although I’m guessing that the answer will be no anyway.
If you can crossflash between drives of the same generation ,is it possible to crossflash from 160P6S to 165P6S and get the Lightscribe part to work.
I was under the impression that Lightscribe requires diff hardware internaly ,but if not getting Lightscribe would the crossflash still work to improve the DVD-R writing compatability of the 160P6S drive .??

Just a small note…
Has anybody noticed that if you use LiteOns PSO8 firmware (genuine) that after burning disks , if you check them it states it was burnt with a SONY ???. :doh:

Tiss good to be back in Litey Land tho.


the 16x[B]P[/B]6S doesn’t have lightscribe hardware… only the 16x[B]H[/B]6S does. if the “x” is 5 the drive also has dvd-ram support, otherwise it doesn’t. there’s no crossflash method public at the moment, also crossflashing wouldn’t help if the lightscribe hardware is missing. so just get a 16x[B]H[/B]6s model.

the writing quality can be improved with hypertuning and smartburn, just look for the test firmware that supports this features:

when scanning a DVD-R the sony namestring will be displayed. with DVD+R it’s the liteon string.


OOpps Yeah sorry my mistake.
Just got the 160P6S ,very nice drive pleased so far.
The firmware update that allows for hypertuning and smartburn with the req’d utility doesn’t unfortunately work with Nvidia IDE and SATA drivers installed on my Nforce3 mobo.
Does the hypertune and smartburn work anyway if you have the firmware ,but do not use the Smartburn software.
Did use the beta firm PV7U almost as soon as installed the drive ( well after checking out PSO8 that is.).

Cheers for info chok0

My error over lightscribe tho ,not realy interested in the Lightscribe right now tho as I use printable media with Epson R300 capable of printing disks.


you need the smartburn utility to enable or disable overspeed, hypertuning and smartburn.