Crossflash AD-7221S?

I read that the NEC AD-7221S is a rebadged LiteOn drive (iHAS ?).

Can this drive be crossflashed to a LiteOn drive or will it be limited to only using NEC supplied firmware? I guess the drive is probably a rebaged iHAS422 or iHAS222.

I recently picked up one of these from Newegg, very inexpensive. Now I’m curious as to what exactly I have. Google isn’t finding very much.

I too would like to find firmware updates for the AD7221S as my burn speeds are only 16x max. I also own 7170,7190,7200 series PATA burners.

I just sent the Firmware and EEPROM dump to Ala42. Anyone else care for a copy?

The firmware seems to be iHAS422 crossflash compatible. I do not know if someone has tried the crossflash yet.