Crossflash 755a->760a?

i read in a german computer journal (ct’) both the 755a and 760a don’t differ in any way but in firmware.
so my question: is it possible to crossflash 755a->760a?

ok the following doesn’t realy work;-) :
downloaded the 760a firmware took the .bin file from the extracted directory and put it into the dir of the 755a firmware, deleted the 755 .bin file and renamed the 760 .bin file to 755a’s.bin filename. (in short replaced the both .bin files)
flashing works fine!
but after reboot nothing changes: “plextor 755a” and firmware version - ok the date of the firmware 2-02 changes.

is this a good sign? :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure about that because I’ve seen photos on the web that showed some additional leads on the board. These could be a fake, of course, but how probable is this?

There were some 716A drives that had additional wiring soldered to the board, so there’s no reason to suspect the 755A/SA pics that show the same thing.

Yes, AFAIK it can be done. However if you want to do so because fo 18x i would not recommend it.

According to this: the pcbs can be exchanged. But more importantly than firmware/electronic issues it seems there are mechanical differences too: As you can see the 760 features a different disc holding table (and apparently also motor). Remember that Plextor withheld the 760 ‘due to writing quality reasons’. Now the 755 is nothing more than the original 755 while the 760 is a reworked 755. I could be that Plextor found that the disc holding mechanism as it was planned (and released as the755) was not up to 18x speed and thus had to be changed.

txh for the good info

i wanted to crossflah it because the 760er 1.02 is newer than the 755er 1.02 and perhaps has better writing quality.
but with your info i will not crossflash.
thx again