Crossflash 215D to 215L

I’ve searched this forum and cannot find this answer. How exactly do I crossflash my 215D to a 215L? I saw a thread about 215D to 215, but not from 215D to 215L.

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It’s all right in that thread >

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The Pioneer DVR-S15J provides DVD-RAM Read and Write with LabelFlash. In short the DVR-S15J = DVR-215L. Note posting #33 in the “How To: Crossflash 215D to 215” thread.

If your thoroughly read the Forum posting titled “How To: Crossflash 215D to 215”( it details how to crossflash a Pioneer DVR-215D to DVR-S15J and provides a download link to the DVR-S15J Firmware files.


I am waiting for my Pio 215D to arrive and to cross it to the other side… to 215L…

[QUOTE=Llun;2079018]I am waiting for my Pio 215D to arrive and to cross it to the other side… to 215L…[/QUOTE]I like my 215D@L. Very nice burner.

What are you gaining by doing so?

You get Labelflash :iagree:

I would prefer Lightscribe. Thanks.:slight_smile:

But Lightscribe requires additional hardware in the drive - Labelflash does not.

I know, it was a figure of speech.
I like better Lightscribe.

They both suck - compared to an inkjet printed disc.

I know I am using an HP 5160 to make DVD covers. I wanted a Lightscribe drive just to be here but my 203P kinda disappoint me concerning CD/DVD speed results. But all of the DVD’s I burned are playable just fine. That’s why I bought it.