Cross platform software for ipods that is better than itunes that work on both windows & mac OS



I have been reading up a little on alternative software to itunes, but does anybody know of alternative software that comes in both mac & windows versions? all the alternative itunes software only seem to come in windows versions. I am on a PC with my itunes library on an external hard drive, & may move to a mac, so it would be nice if I could stick with one software program for managing my ipod, for example, on the PC now, switching from PC itunes to PC media monkey, then switching to a mac computer & going back to itunes but this time in mac os. One of my reasons for an itunes alternative is that as my library gets bigger, it seems to be running a little slower, & I want software that can manage album art better, add & remove cover art, & embed cover art to individual song files.

I have also read about some software that can run directly off the ipod.


Not sure if either of these will meet your needs but take a look at Songbird and/or YamiPod.

I think SharePod runs from the iPod, but not sure about it being crossplatform.