Cross-Platform Hardware Question

Is there any such cable that would allow me to connect an extremely old 25 pin SCSI omega zip drive (macintosh) to a more modern PC via some sort of usb or parallel port converter cable? The 25/25 pin cable looks as though it would fit into my pc’s MB but I’ve read that it can cause damage if you hook it up to parallel ports.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, just trying to reclaim some files from my childhood here -_-.

You don’t say which model Iomega you have. Some came with scsi, some with parallel and some with a 25 pin auto-detect (parallel or scsi).
They make adapters 25 pin scsi to 25 pin parallel. Google a little bit and see what you can find. I’m not sure if you’ll need drivers for the Iomega to get it to work.

Well, I checked on the back of the drive and the model number is Z100S2. The back has two SCSI ports; one labeled terminate and one other one.
It’s a rather old model so I don’t think it has parallel support.

Edit: There’s also a switch on the back labeled SCSI ID with options being either 5 or 6.

First things first: Just to connect the drive you will need a scsi to parallel adapter, something like this, or a scsi card for your pc.
Next, you might need to find some drivers for the zip drive so it will work with your pc. Then, there is no guarantee that you will be able to read the data on the zip drive as it was written by a Mac so many years ago. One option would be to find someone with a Mac who would be willing to pull the data off the drive for you. Just a thought.

Even USB-SCSI adapters existed: