Cross-flashing with OmniPatcher

A newbie question for you experts out there. Just successfully converted my 1213S to a 1633S. Used the BSOC firmware, Omni-patcher, and Ltnflash124. Since the drive thinks it is a 1633S now, do I still need to check the “Enable cross-flashing” if I upgrade with any new 1633S firmware in the future? How about if I decide to convert back to the 1213S? The BSOC firmware now allows me to burn my 8X Ritek DVD+R at 8X instead of 4X.

Thanks for your help. :bow:

You will always need to use the OmniPatcher on future 1633S firmware and yes you can go back to the 1213S by using the stock firmware on my site.

You also might want to consider using the 1633S firmware on my site, which has a built in flasher and no need for LtnFlash. It can still be used with OmniPatcher. :wink:


Thanks for the reply, but I’m still a little confused. So if Liteon releases a new firmware update for the 1633S, will I still need to run OmniPatcher on an “unscrambled” version and check the “enable cross-flashing” box? Can’t I just use the stock version with the built-in flasher since the drive thinks it is a 1633S now? How about if I want to go back to the 1213S? Do I need to process the back-up firmware with Omnipatcher and check the “enable cross-flashing” box since the drive thinks it is a 1633S?

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance.

Well, there is something in your drive (apart from the firmware) that says “this drive is not a 1633S”… and while it may be possible to change it so that it says “this drive indeed is a 1633S” (and there are actually a number of different ways to accomplish this), doing so is not recommended for reasons that I won’t get into.

Each firmware released by LiteOn will check the drive to see if the drive is truly a 1633S. The crossflashing patch in OP simply modifies the firmware so that it doesn’t perform this check. Thus, any firmware loaded on a crossflashed drive must have its check disabled, which is why you need to apply the crossflashing patch every time you load a new non-1213S firmware into the drive. But this generally isn’t problematic because 1) people don’t load new firmwares all that often and 2) people usually customize the firmware and make various adjustments anyway (like turning on autobitsetting or bumping up read/write speeds), and it’s not going to kill anyone to check one more checkbox in OP.

I think I understand now. So if I flash again in the future with “non-1213S” firmware, I must first “process” the firmware with OmniPatcher and check the “enable cross-flashing” box. However, if I flash with any Liteon released 1213S firmware in the future I should be OK without using OmniPather first.

Did I get that right? Thanks again for all your help. :bow:


However, if I flash with any Liteon released 1213S firmware in the future I should be OK without using OmniPather first.

Did I get that right?

Not quite. To go back to 1213S you must use the unscrambled firmware on our site but no patches are required. This is because the Liteon flasher looks at the firmware ID and will not allow cross flashing. After that you can use Liteon’s firmware or our firmware to upgrade to other 1213S firmware.

I’ve got it now.:iagree: Thanks again for all your help.

may i know how to let the drive appears to be “real 1633” so that we don’t need to check cross-flashing box?

This is not a topic for discussion on this forum. :cop:

The “WHAT” is easy, it would be an EEPROM patch.

The “WHY” is doubtful, since crossflash enabling is easy and relatively safe - and EEPROM tampering is incredibly, insanely risky, since it contains vital and UNIQUE calibration, checksums and is essentially the heart of your drive.
Forget all thoughts of of slapping a ripped 1633S EEPROM code in there - You’ll just wreck the drive.

The “HOW” is not yet known, or if anyone does know, they aren’t telling