Cross flashing Sony DRU-810A 1.0f to a BenQ DW1640 BSRB

:confused::rolleyes:Hey all u guyz here I have Sony DRU-810A with firmware 1.0f . Is it possible to crossflash it to a BenQ DW1640 firmware BSRB with BQFlasher 0.7.1?? If yes kindly xplain. If not plz temme how to do it by any other means


this drive could either be a rebadged DW 1640 or a 1650, so there is a 50% chance to kill the drive. Please do some searching here in the Benq section as there are several threads about crossflashing a Sony 810 here.

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Brave ones still wanna try this, read this thread carefully first. :wink:

When label says “810A-[B]R[/B]” its for sure DW1650 equivalent.

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Mine is certainly a Sony DRU-810A without a R .It is a rebadged BenQ DW1640. I know that Sony DRU-810A has been crossflashed b4 to the BenQ DW1640 but what i m stressing on is the particular firmware that i have. so what i wanna know is whether i can flash a Sony DRU-810A with firmware v1.0f to Benq DW1640 firmware vBSRB?? Plz help( moderators especially)

As long you are sure this is a DW1640 equivalent you can flash it with any 1640 firmware you like. :wink:

There has been some confusion in the past because Sony firmware package (1.0e, 1.0f) contain binaries for both types of drives (810A and 810A-R), but this has nothing to do with you question.

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If you’re so sure that your Sony DRU-810A without the “R” is a rebadged 1640 then crossflash your drive to the official Benq 1640 firmware by using BQFlasher or WinDWFlash. For 1640 you would crossflash with any of the 1640 firmwares and it would the same for the 1650 firmwares if your drive is a 1650. :wink:

Read carefully the BQFlasher thread:

Another thing i wanted to know was that whether it has any advantage coz the last fimware release for the benq dw1640 was done long back whereas the Sony DRU-810 1.0f fimware has been released recently(25th March,2007). So which is better?? the added feature of Q-suite after flashing the benq firmware or staying with the latest Sony firmware?

Release date for rebadged drives firmware like Sony 810A/-R has nothing to do with date when latest retail DW1640 firmware was released. It’s a known pattern (fact) that Sony (and other OEM’s/rebadges) being quite slow when it comes to firmware updates.
And one more thing to consider, how do we know this is an update related to DW1640? It might be some old update for 1650 as well…

I’ve been running my 1640 on Sony firmware with good results. QSuite? Most functions will work but SolidBurn doesn’t seem to be supported, although I’m not that sure about that.

If you are happy with your “@Sony” burns then stay with that.
As BenQ freaks maybe we are too colored, liking all the bells and whistles just for the fun of it.
But then, in the end it’s your choice. :slight_smile:

10X a lot all of you for ur timely expert advice. Dis is da first time i ever posted on any forum and i m happy dat i have cum to the rite place. To see like minded ppl here who are into optical drives is even more fun. Keep da good work goin 4ever.

:sad:I crossflashed my Sony with the Benq dw1640 firmware. After doing so the LED stays on all the time as long as der is any media in the drive. Also Q-Suite doesn’t seem to be working. To chek my drive’s status i burnt a DVD using Nero and it showed the successful completion of da burn process. But as i inserted this DVD back on to the drive it was empty. I thought my drive is dead now. I reverted back to the Sony firmware v 1.0d(.cvt) and den again updated it to 1.0f. Again i burnt da same DVD and the burn process was successful again and this time data was present on the disc. :wink: Dunno wat went rong but i m happy dat in the end my drive is still in working condition. Nevertheless the whole process was fun coz i m doin it for the first time.

P.S.:I crossflashed the drive using WinDWFlash. I thought it is important to mention this.

Are you sure is was a Sony DW810 or a DW810-R. Big difference. :iagree:

Should i try to flash my drive using BQFlash??

I don’t understand why you want to flash your drive with BQFlasher now? If using WinDWFlasher didn’t work with 1640 firmware then your drive could be a 1650. You can use WinDWFlash to flash to 1650 firmware as well but you’ll need the cvt files for that. Here’s a link for them but I believe you’ll need to join in order to get the files downloaded.

Hi :slight_smile:
This drive has been successfully from a Sony 810 > BenQ 1640 & back again.
This was done using WinDWFlash & .cvt files for BenQ & Sony (supplied by me).
This rules out any likelyhood of crossflashing to a 1650. (Just ask Pinto2).
The fact the led stays on is typical of BenQ.
The QSuite problem has many ,more aspects as to why it doesn’t function.
If wanting to ‘get away’ from the Sony approach, but not sure that BenQ’s way is the one. Then Philips f/w is the only option left.

BTW. DVD_ADDICT you are correct that one needs to sign up in order to download files from that site.

Remove please. :wink:

Kinda wrong wording zebadee. :smiley:
More correct; “This rules out any likelyhood of”… [B]KILLING[/B] your drive, as I did. :doh:

Just PM one of posters in this thread and we’ll be able to provide almost any (BenQ/Philips/Sony) CVT firmware. :slight_smile:

There’s so many posts about cross flashing Sony/Philips to BenQ’s is not funny :doh:

Agreed its not funny but i m a total newbie. I have started doing more research on this forum(getting used to this forum). Also the particular variant factor is giving problems as also the firmware version. Thats y rolling56…

Agreed its not funny but i m a total newbie. I have started doing more research on this forum(getting used to this forum). Also the particular variant factor is giving problems as also the firmware version. Thats y rolling56…