Cross flashing plextor 740 or sony DRU 810A

Hi I have two drives a plextor 740 and a sony dru 810a I want to crossflash one or both of the drives so that i can use media code speed edit tool. both drives are in the same computer I am pretty sure that I can not cross flash both being in the same computer but they are connected to two different Ide channels ? So If it is possible to cross flash one of thest drives which one should I crossfash the sony or the plextor. I have read the benq faqs. I only see a 1620 crossflashed can you tell me or send me to the correct thread on crossflashing either of these drives to a 1640 thank you.

you need BQFlasher for crossflashing. read this thread, you’ll also find a link to the program and a needed .dll file:

download firmwares here.

you can crossflash and use both drives, but i think you have to use different firmwares. flash e.g the sony to DW1640 [I]BSMB[/I] and the plextor to 1640 [I]BSOB[/I]. if this works keep it like that.

There is no problem with crossflashing both drives to the same firmware, but before voiding both warranties, crossflash just one and check if the additional features you get solve the problems you want to get solved.

Thanks guys I flashed the sony it increased the read speed by over 3 min on a 8.3 gig rip. This is the best forum I belong to thanks again.