Cross flashing Lite On dvd drive?



I have a LiteOn SOHW 8123 thats in Imgburn showed in capabilities it couldnt read or write DVD DL +R’s. Just for the heck I tried cross flashing with SOHW 823S firmware .Now in Imgburn it does show it has those capabilities. I dont want to waste a DL to test it. But is that all a DVD drive needs to enable features like that?JUst the fimware?



This is an exception. Normally you cannot enable such features, especially not features like Lightscribe. Firmware is no magical healer.


I tested it.Not by burning a DL.I put in a Xbox 360 back up and ran Abgx to check disc.It read it and passed it.So Im going to go ahead and give a shot and burn a DL and see If it works in my Xbox 360.



What has reading to do with writing? Nothing.