Cross Flashing HP DVD940d

Hi: My HP DVD940d will burn discs and play them but on other player it plays partway then stops,and usually will show it’s moving through the sections without really doing it then stops. I tried downloading firmware for Liteon LH18A1H and the omnipatcher but it says it’s the wrong drive and won’t do it.Can anyone tell me how to upgrade the firmware so it burns right and can be played on other players? SWPSmith

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the issue you are describing seems to be more likely related to the blank media and the write speed you are using. Could you please give some additional details about that?

Omnipatcher does indeed not support modern optical drives. You may have a look at the Flash Utility - you’ll find it among the [B]Read First[/B] threads of this subforum.


The Media I’ve been using has been Sony “accucore plus” DVD blank discs, My thought is that part of the problem may be the discs. I have been burning at 8X but Ii tried even slower at 6X but it still only goes partway and freezes,then advancesthrough to the end if I attemp forwarding and ends.I’ll look Flash utility you mentioned and see if that finally solves the problem. I may not have time today but I’ll see.SWPSmith

I tried using the flash tool but discs still burn the same.SWPSmith

As I expected. Sony media should be okay even with stock firmware.
Perhaps the lens of your drive is a little bit dirty. At least worth trying. And do not use a “cleaner disc” for that purpose.


So should I try cleaning the lens with a glasses cleaning tissue,or alcohol with a cleaner tip?. As it is it’s not burning right.Why would I be able to view it on my computer on either the burner or plain DVD drive but not on my Blu Ray or DVD Player? SWPSmith

Perhaps it’s only dust, so a can of compressed air might already help. Otherwise some lint-free cleaner tip and perhaps some Isopropanol is recommended.

Why would I be able to view it on my computer on either the burner or plain DVD drive but not on my Blu Ray or DVD Player?
Each drive has different reading capabilities. So, some drives can read a bad disc, some others can’t.


I tried using a different HP drive HP dvd 740 and it does the same thing with TDK discs. Do you think it’s in the software? I need to figure this out. I have a ton of video on our movie camera but I don’t want to delete until I know it burns right.Not to mention backing up my movies.SWPSmith


usually, this is not a software problem (unless the software you are using has severe bugs).

I suspect, your drive does not handle the media you are using well, at least at the speed you selected.

Maybe try Verbatim at 8x speed.


I’ve tried SONY And TDK but I’ll try something else and see if that’s any different.SWPSmith

What I was thinking of: perhaps there is some issue with your motherboard. Is there any chance to try your drives in another computer?

Also, some information about the storage controllers used might be helpful.