Cross flashing firmware



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi. I am running into a bit of a problem with my BD burner. In brief, I bought a BuffaloTech external blu-ray burner. It houses an LG GGW-H20N blu-ray burner. The firmware on the Buffalo is XJ03. Buffalo tells me they will not be upgrading the firmware at all. To use the LG firmware could ruin the drive. I want to know if there is a way to cross flash the firmware (most recent) to my Buffalo drive.

As far as why I want to do this, I ran into a problem with 50gb blu-ray discs. I had been making movies with no problem on 25 gb disc using TSMuxer, and burning with either Nero or ImgBurn. No coasters even with “crappy” blank media. I went to a 50gb TDK from Japan and haven’t been able to burn it on any software I’ve tried, Nero, Cyberlink, Imgburn - they all return some sort of burn error.

So, that’s the history! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.



I would say double check from the LG site to see if that firmware number matches the one from their site. If it does then the LG firmware for that model should work otherwise it would tell you have incorrect firmware and stop. But I will have the MOD move this the LG burner site there someone would be of more help since I don’t currently own a LG model. Also is the unit still under warranty? If it does I do as I said in the first part make sure the firmware are the same matching firmware. As for crossflashing do it only when the warranty is past or your looking to tweak the drive itself for your custom needs.