Cross flashing Digital Max DRW-3S163

I would like to make sure if a Digital Max DRW-3S163 with BSG3 firmware is an oem Liteon and what would the most current fw be. I have read some of the posts from a few months ago about this drive and they have suggested cross flashing with SOHW-1653 or 1633. Is this still true or is their a newer fw and how do you cross flash?

my drive works very good with sony’s BYX5 firmware, it’s a 1653s firmware from sony.
you can crossflash by dowloading and applying a patched flasher.
download the patched BYX5 here:

unpack and then run the flasher.

I tried the Sony.710A.BYX5 and my burner kept locking up every time I tried to burn and I lost some disks in the process. I figured I can’t lose anything else by trying the SOHW-1653s (except another disk). I was able to flash the SOHW-1653s and now it burns again but no better than before I started.