Cross flashing a GSA 2164d?



Is it possible to cross flash an LG GSA-2164d to an LG GSA-2166d?
If so, how do you go about it?
Will it give you LiteScribe capability?


Different hardware. :disagree:


Can you be more specific? what chipset versus what chipset?


LG GSA-2164 and 2166 are identical except for Lightscribe abilities which cannot be achieved by cross-flashing.



Not true. The 2164D/2166D/4166B are rumoured to use the same hardware internally. There have been people who opened up their 2166Ds and found the same internal drive inside as that in a 2164D. People have tried cross flashing the 2164D. From what I can recall, some claim they got lightscribe ability out of their cross flashed drives, some said they did not. It is really hard to say for sure because many people did not seem to know that you need to install a lightscribe engine (software) in order to get Nero to detect their drives as being lightscribe capable.

So the jury is still out on whether you can get lightscribe capability.

See Q21 for more details :


How can we believe your ‘hearsay’ evidence is true. :disagree:


From what I have read it seems that the very first 4164/2164/2166 drives LG had sold were all 4166 and differed only by firmware.
When 2164/2166 came out there still were 4164 and 4166 badged drives inside, flashed with 2164/2166 firmware.
The weirdest thing I have read was a 2166 with a 4164 drive inside.
My 2166 has a 2166 drive inside and I flashed it myself with 4166 firmware.



The information I have there is based on posts made by people who actually tried cross flashing their drives and those who actually opened up their 2166D/2164D units to see what was inside. I just collected the information in one place. I guess it depends on how accurate the original posts and posters are. I don’t claim that my information is any more accurate than that. shrugs


If only comparing the bottom side, no difference can be found between (2166 & 2164, 4166 & 4164). If comparing the upper side, you can find 2166 & 4166
have an exclusive parts(fix position sensor for LightScribe function). So,
although crossflashing seem to be success from 2164, 4164 to 2166, 4166,
LightScribe is still not workable. :slight_smile:


I think some people still have a logical mistake. Although an original 2166 drive
may have a 4164 or 2166 inside(my 2166 has a 4164 inside), they also have
the exclusive parts(fix position sensor) inside. So crossflashing to 4166, LightScribe function will remain. But that does not equal an original 4164 or
2164 can do so.

Here is some pics of an original GWA-4166. You can not find the exclusive parts(fix position sensor) inside. I have tried to crossflash it to GSA-4166.
DVD-RAM ability is added but LightScribe is not workable. :wink:


Amendnent: GWA-4166 should read as 4164.


Thank you for the clarification and the pictures. At least now there is a proper way to check if you can get lightscribe ability when you cross flash.

Wonder why some people claimed to have been able to successfully cross flash to a 2166D. Could it be that LG has a sensor in some 2164Ds and not in others?


I have a 2166 drive ext. usb that has a 2164 inside , at least that’s what the sticker on the drive says , and have lightscribe ability…


It appears that the first drives of that series were all lightscribe and some were simply sold as non lightscribe so cross-flashing would work.
Cross flashing of current drives definitely will not work anymore.



Thanks everyone for clearing this up, especially 2601 and SaboCD :slight_smile:


I have one model from sept 2005. This is one of first series of 2164D. So by you, it must work. I’ll try crossflash.


It must not, but it could :wink:



Why not just open up the casing and the drive inside and look for the lightscribe sensor mentioned by 2601 above? If it is there then you know for sure that you can get lightscribe ability when you cross flash the drive. It’s better than doing all the guessing.


But you will void warranty, whereas you can often flash back to original fw in case the drive fails later on.



It depends on whether there is some sort of sealing sticker which can be used by the service centres if your drive casing has been opened. If there isn’t and you are careful then there really isn’t any way for them to know.

Cross flashing also technically invalidates the warranty. Of course you can flash back to the original firmware as you mentioned.

Might just be the same amount of risk in each case.