Cross-flashed Rebadged Norwood Micro/DW1640 Underperforming

Okie, I bought Norwood Micro (DW 1640) from CompUSA like everyone else and cross-flashed to BenQ firmware BSLB before upgrading to BSRB. In both cases, I was able to burn a CD (audio) at only 40X as opposed to 48X. It sez on the box that the corresponding burn speed for a CD is 48X. What can be the problem? Does anyone experience a similar glitch?

[edit] Please excuse my glaring ignorance if this happens to be a rehash of another thread. Being a first time poster, I might have made an unexcusable transgression. Otherwise, I await your reply. Thanx.

Hi and welcome!

The problem might be the media you are using. Your discs are probably only supported at 40x by the firmware of your drive.
Also, burning audio CD at full speed is not the best idea. People get the best results (quality wise) using write speeds in the range from 16x to 32x.


Thanks for the reply, but the media I used supports up to 52x. Another strange thing I encountered recently is that my laptop DVD writer (TSST TS-L532U) is also underperforming. It used to burn a CD-R media at 24x, but now it burns at 16x. It’s really not a major problem as you correctly pointed out, but I would like to know what the possible reason might be for the cause of this sluggishness.

Well - most medias say that it can burn up to 52x but it’s up to the drive to support that - and quite a few drives take questionable media and have speeds lower [16x or 40x or 32x or 24x even for 52x labelled discs are not uncommon]. Check the ATIP to see who makes it - but the fact it’s 40x maximum is not a defect in your drive - it’s just how BenQ intended it to remain at a good quality and within their design parameters. There’s very few discs which I would burn faster than 24x due to jitter - a common theme.

Generally laptop DVD writers make a lot of bad burns - I find the quality overall is poor. But if you must use it - I think it’s usually a media problem.

Just because it’s the same brand doesn’t mean the manufacturer of the discs is the same - since some brands buy from different suppliers. Try other discs. Otherwise, it might be a laser-calibration thing which limits the speed because it finds the disc isn’t as flat/even/perfect as it would like for high speed burning.