Cross-flash Philips 1640?



I have a Philips 1640 OEM (PBDV1640P) with B2.2. firmware.

I have looked at various posts but I am still unsure whether this is a good idea. Is it?

I have downloaded WinDWflash and BenQB7P9.cvt.

Assuming I can cross-flash, is this a good choice of firmware? Or is there a better one.


Welcome to forum. :wink:

Before even starting any crossflash, I think you should try out Philips designed firmware.
Here you will find the latest.

BTW, remember by crossflashing your warranty will be void…
But, if you read more you will see all kind’a crossflashing is possible. :bigsmile:


Depends on who you ask. I like the B7P9 firmware the best, others prefer the newer T or S versions, and there are those who prefer to make their Benq into a Philips with 3.2 firmware.
Right now, mine is crossflashed to a MSI with 1.6 firmware, which (as someone else found out) is basically B7P9.


Thank you for your welcome :slight_smile:

I had searched for a Philips upgrade - without success. So thanks for the link, I am downloading it now.

I appreciate the warranty warning, but I have a NEC 3500 also which has been flashed with unofficial firmwares many times, so I know the position.