Cross Flash Optiarc AD-7190A to LO DH-20A3x



[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7191A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all,

I have a Optiarc AD-7190A that I want to turn it to LO DH-20A3P. I have a few questions I need clarification before I can proceed.

Do I have to cross flash my drive to LO DH-20A3 FIRST?
Can I directly flash it? (from what I’ve read in the forum is yes)

Then, apply the LiteOn DH20A3P Fast Burn, Fast Read & Enhanced OverSpeed Patched Firmware to the DH-20A3 that I just flashed?
Can I also directly flash this one?

I understand 7190A is a cloned drive of DH-20A3. If so, can I direct flash my 7190A TO DH-20A3P using this patch F/W DH20A3P (XY13 FR FB EOS EOHT 5): Download ?

I’m a newbie in this field but I do want to turn my drive into a better quality drive.

Please provide your input, hope that I’m not confuse you guys much.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.



A semi-long read, but should answer your questions…

[found using the Search function with the keywords “crossflash AD-1790A DH-20A3P” ;)]


Thank you Albert for such a quick response. I did read the post you mentioned and read it again. I will proceed the flashes as follow. Could you let me know my steps are correct.

  • First I will directly crossflash to LO DH-203A using F/W XV64HT706WIN.EXE

  • Back up my F/W using EEPROM_Utility.exe

-Use Flash_Utility.exe flash it to 20A3P using F/W 20A3P.XY13.patched-fr-fb-eos-eoht.exe

Am I using the right F/W in all of my steps?

Please let me know if I missing any step.

Again, Sorry I’m doom!!!

Your help is very much appreciated.



Backup your firmware using Firmware Utility. Clearly label it as your old firmware.

Backup your EEPROM using the EEPROM Utility. Clearly label it as your old EEPROM.

Use the Flash Utility to flash over to a LiteOn [if you want one of CodeKing’s modded firmwares, or a stock firmware], or flash directly without using the Flash Utility [if using a Test firmware].


Hi Albert,

I will directly flash using CK test F/W. Thank you so much for your help.