Cross-flash and burn succesful but DVD-DL can't be read

I apologize if this is a repetitive post, but I’ve been unable to find the answers I seek. (Plus, it’s late and I’m tired and very frustrated.)

I have an almost 7 year old Dell PC (running Win XP SP3) with a Phillips 8601 DVD burner. I updated to the KD10 firmware soon after getting it, and rarely had a problem with it after that. Until recently, I never had occasion to burn a DVD-DL. Then, I downloaded a couple of ISO images that would not fit on a single layer DVD, so I figured I’d try my hand at DL burning. Bought a pack of Memorex DVD+R DL (I usually buy Taiyo Yuden, but they only make the -R DL). Nero Info Tool says that they are actually Ritek, but I’ve burned Ritek before without a problem.

Like so many others, I couldn’t get the fakakta thing to burn DVD DL, but stumbled upon the cross-flash option, and decided to give it a try. I used the cross-flash tool posted in this forum to turn it into a BenQ 1620, using the B7W9 firmware. The cross-flash was successful, and now my PC says I’ve got a BenQ instead of a Philips. So far, so good. Then I tried burning one of the ISO images with Nero (v7—never felt the need to get an upgrade since it’s always served me well.) Nero burned it all the way, and data verification was successful. I was really feeling good, until…

Now my problem is that the DVD can’t be read. The BenQ nee Philips won’t read it, nor will my read-only DVD drive (LG HL-DT-ST GDR8163B), nor will my home DVD player, a Philips DVP 642/37 which plays almost everything. Info Tool lists the disc as still being blank, although one look at the burned side of the disc shows that it is not blank. When I put the DVD in the LG, Info Tool lists no disc present at all. My home DVD player also say that there’s no disc present.

I know the ISO image is kosher, because I mounted it on a virtual drive, it played just fine. (Info Tool says the image is region-free.) Just to make sure the burner wasn’t screwed up, I tried burning a single layer DVD from a different ISO image, and all went well, so that’s not the problem either.

Could someone please tell me what, if anything, I am doing wrong, or point me to a link that does. I probably should make another burn attempt, but with the price of blank DVD-DL, I’m not thrilled with the thought of making expensive coasters, especially in this economy.


  1. Dual-layer burning and single-layer burning are completely different. A drive can be great at burning single-layer media and completely suck at burning dual-layer.

  2. That specific drive is too old to burn anything other than Verbatim or FalconMedia Pro DL media properly.

  3. Using anything other than Verbatim or FalconMedia Pro DL media with any drive will result in variable levels of success at burning and reading.

I know this is like some kind of a cruel joke, but the basic issue is that there are only two brands of DL media on the market that can be burned easily and consistently in any drive. Memorex is not one of them.

You have to use either Verbatim or FalconMedia Pro. That’s it. There are no other options. Period.

Thanks. I guess I’ll give those a try. Wish I would have know that before I shelled out for the Memorex, though. (Good thing I only bought a 25 pack.)

My next question then is why does the brand make such a difference with DL, but not so much with single-layer DVD or CD-R? The reason I usually buy the Taiyos is because they have a longer lifespan and are less error prone, but other brands usually work fine as well. What makes the DVD DL so different and sensitive?

I’m also surprised that the brand to use is Verbatim. Maybe it’s because back in my Commodore 64 days I remember buying Verbatim floppy disks, and not having good experiences. I realize that was about 30 years ago, and the company may make better product now, but I’ve been leery of that brand ever since. (Plus, I’ve become set in my ways in my middle-age.)

[QUOTE=BuzzBP;2598611]My next question then is why does the brand make such a difference with DL, but not so much with single-layer DVD or CD-R?[/QUOTE]

To put it simply, the process for manufacturing and burning DL discs is much more complicated. It isn’t as simple as burning twice as much data on the same kind of disc. There are fewer companies willing to spend the money to make discs of the same quality as Verbatim or Falcon.

P.S. When I was much younger, 3M and Nashua were the brands of floppy disc I worshipped. :bigsmile:

Ah, I see. I didn’t realize these things were so complicated.

Yeah, I was also a big user of the Nashua floppies in them days.