Cropping, resizing, pan & scan

Cropping is auto enabled and resizing disabled but it never crops a generic for me. Does it work for anyone else?

When im doing dvd to xvid i want to remove all the black bars and stretching the entire image. So far i have never been succesfull even though auto xcrop is enabled. I fugured to do that i should enable the resizing in advanced resolution settings but i can’t.

These new features interact in ways that I too am struggling to understand. Resize is (I think) inactive unless you change the output size (on the Advanced page) to something larger (or a different aspect ratio?) than what you selected on the regular page (before clicking Advanced Resolution). The crop function has worked well for me except on one or two discs, when no crop bars appeared even though it was letterboxed. Anamorphic images also behave a little differently (stretched on the crop page but normal on the Advanced page). There will be a new page in the Tutorial that explains all this.

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To remove black bar, you can do it with “Crop”, and it has nothing to do with “Resize”.

For cropped content, you can choose one output resolution from the resolution list, from large to small. We can call it “simple resize”.

Sometimes the aspect radio of cropped content doesn’t match with device aspect radio, so we need use “Advanced Resolution Settings” to adjust how we fit the cropped content onto the device.

For generic, there is no device aspect radio, which means any resolution can be played on PC, so there is no need to use “Advanced Resolution Settings” for generic mode.

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For examples of how to use some of these functions, see this post and the one that follows it.