Crop settings to remove black bars on Letterbox

Seen older posts on this subject but didnt get a good answer from it.

I have a 16:9(1920x798) MKV rip of a blu ray and am trying to remove the upper/lower black bars from movie. I go to the crop tab under video settings and set to automatic and no difference. I see there is a pan and scan slider but dont know how far to slide it.

Do I have to remove the bars BEFORE I try to convert to MKV?? If so what are the settings??..The Guide is very missleading on there website…Thanx

Nobody knows how to do this??..I did find out that I cant remove letterboxing BEFORE I rip to MKV. I went to video settings in DVDFab and have messed around with the crop settings but nothing seems to work…I click “keep aspect ratio” and still nothing…

Why do you want to crop? The bars are there so the aspect ratio (2.35 to 1?) plays without stretching on a 1.78 display. If you remove them your player is only going to put them back. If you think your going to save some space by removing them I’ll bet you don’t. Encoding some stationary black bars just doesn’t use many bits.

Thank you for the reply

Im just wanting to fill in my widescreen tv with nothing but video. Seems to look better to me. I have gotten other rips from the net that dont have the black bars and it just looks better to me…even if I cut out a couple inches of video on the ends…Is this not worth the trouble???

Personally I don’t mind them, and prefer them to stretching the picture. Can you zoom in your tv or video player?

If I use the TV to stretch the picture it looks distorted…I dont want to stretch the video, I want to crop/zoom in with DVDFab. Its an option on the program but I cant seem to find how to do it correctly