I am a newbue in all this flashing opticle drive thing,so i wanted to ask what is a purpuse to flash for example 3550 to 4550?What will it change?Solve problems or something like that?


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You should read the NEC ND-3550/4550@4551 discussion thread

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I wonder who is going to help with the 4570 --> 4571 flash :confused:
The moment I know that I have a drive with disabled features, I want to enable them. I won’t stop searching the web, unitl I find a way to do this. It’s kind of funny, I’m not that much interested in labelflash, as I’m interested in crossflashing itself. I like the sound of it.


From what Scorpiosoft just [post=1363486]wrote[/post] and the way I interpreted a PM discussion, nobody seems to spend their time on this, so you just might be out of luck.


Well, you never know. Maybe someone that knows about these will post something on the net. If so, I’ll be one of those that will try it.

If you don’t mind my asking, how hard is this job for a programmer? And BTW, PM discussion monitoring does not make me impressed. While I wouldn’d mind posting a crossflashing firmware if I was a programmer, this is something I would never do.


I still dont understand exactly the point of it?
So if my DVDRW dont read some DVD/CD afte i crossflash it to ranother model it will?


Only DVD-RAM write support is different, IIRC.

Please read the thread TOSHIBAer posted.


Without any previous knowledge, it probably isn’t that easy. Once you have a certain background, it’s not difficult at all.

And BTW, PM discussion monitoring does not make me impressed.

It was no PM discussion monitoring. I was discussing this myself with someone who created a bootcode flasher.


These are the news I wanted to hear.

Well, I’m very sorry for the misjudgement then


I feel sure there are enough people out there with the ND6750A laptop drive that would like to see a bootcode flasher to crossflash the drive to ND7550/7551 since they have the same hardware.

The last time I posted on this subject, Dee27 closed the thread and Chef locked the thread on another forum.

I guess the censorship police are out in force so I will be surprised if this post is not deleted, for the good of the CD Freaks forum. :iagree:


I have a 4570 and if someone wanted to do some programming of value, one should possibly consider improving the +R burn ability. I know it is not sexy or even slightly larcenous but given that the 4570 is both the best burner I own for TYG02 and the worst for TY T02, there is a challenge for you.

In any case, Label Flash is overrated. :slight_smile:


I did this with a good reason - it was much too early for that anyway.