Critics slam DirecTV's new 3D channel



Critics slam DirecTV’s new 3D channel.

[newsimage][/newsimage]DirecTV made headlines when it became the first company to broadcast a 24/7 3D TV channel with the launch of its "n3D" TV channels.

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“Both HD Guru and CNET had a specific problem with African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango, with CNET reviewers claiming they felt nauseous while watching it.”

Great… I’ll likely be yarking in the middle of my living room if I try it.


Didn’t experience any nausea watching Safari in the Okavango on my 58" 3D Panasonic. For me, it’s my favorite of the 3D demo videos (of which there are far too few). The complaint I have is having to pay five bucks each for a couple of short underwater 3D videos (I have them recorded but they’ll just sit on the DVR unwatched until the ripoff price is either removed or drastically reduced).

Sure enjoyed watching the world cup in 3D. I hope ESPN continues on with ever more 3D sports.


It’s a technology that’s not needed.


Sounds similar to what happened with Blu-ray (and is still happening). Studios were just throwing any old content into HD without proper re-mastering or quality control of the HD image. I can definitely see this as a problem with 3D. They need to make sure those 3D planes are properly encoded for an enjoyable experience, otherwise they’ll be turning more people off 3D than on to it…