Critics say no to possible FCC digital TV anti piracy laws

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  Feast your eyes on the  image below. That is the portrait of FCC chairman Michael Powell and  he doesn't look like a happy camper in this shot. I'm not a physician,  but I fear...
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I already submitted my oppositions to this “broadcast flag” rule to the FCC, but recently had a conversation with a friend who works in the DVD industry. He argued that (knowing public demands) networks and broadcasters would be suicidal to start copy-protecting everything, and that the flag would be used only for “special events”. I argued back that we have a number of recent laws, written in such broad manners that they could (and in some cases already have) seriously restricted the freedoms of average Americans. (Two obvious examples are the Patriot Act and the DMCA. :c ) I’m getting wise to this style of lawmaking, and becoming increasingly hesitant to hand somebody a “gun” unless I know exactly where they’ll point it. Congress can override FCC rules…but I wonder if they can also impeach an FCC Commissioner? :wink:

if they can ok the razing of a country on the basis of misinformation, halftruths and downright lies…I’m pretty sure they can impeach that porker…but it will all depend on whose hand is on whose wallet…:X

Hi! this is my first post here. First, forgive me my bad english. Anyway. I disagree with this FCC anti copy potection thing (hardware) on future digital tv’s. I understand the need for buy new hardware (to accept this protetcion anti copy shit), but something i don’t accept: It say u can copy ur tv show (or whatever) and it only plays on ur equipament (not plays on ur friend’s equipament, for example, to “stop”“piracy”, DRM thing, stop p2p dls, whatever). But something is NOT GOD here: Let’s take a example u buy this shit (equipament) next year (2004) and record a lot of ur favorite tv shows. Let’s think this new equipament will stop working three years later (2007), after u have a LOT of ur favorite tv shows recorded. Let’s think it’s not interesting to repair this equipament (too much costly and new equipaments on the market is more powerfull and cheaper than repair work). Well, u’ll buy this new equipament. But something will be wrong, the adorable tv shows u recorded for so long (3 years) will NOT run in this new equipament. Why ? Because this new equipament will not have the same internal serial/checksum that the older equipament have, and ur recorded tv digital shows are encripted/coded with the older internal serial number/checksum of ur older (broken) equipament. So, to prevent “piracy”, u couldn’t play ur tv shows on newer bought equipament! This is why i couldn’t agree with this propused “protection” until they found an method that mantain ur rughts to watch again ur recorded tv shows, years later on newer equipament. :frowning: Jr

Sounds like a copy protection that will not be very hard to break. I mean they can unlock the cable TV, Digital Cable and Satilite right now, so I am sure that a box will come out that will allow you to still record and you will have a hard time stopping people from making these in Taiwan and importing them here in the USA.

Agreed on all counts. Unfortunately, the shortsighted politicians don’t see it that way, and such devices would technically be in violation of the DMCA and possibly other laws. :frowning: The media corporations would be all too happy to see people re-purchase their movies and music every so many years. Personally, I don’t think anything short of an organized effort to vote Hollywood-friendly politicians out of office one-by-one (or a half-million people demonstrating in front of the FCC building) will make any difference. But getting rid of Bush would be a start.