Critical vulnerability in popular 7-Zip file archiving software patched

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A new version of the free and open-source file archiver 7-Zip has been released that fixes a critical vulnerability. Through the vulnerability an attacker could take control over the system. All that needed to happen was that the user opened a specially prepared RAR file.

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Here’s the kicker…

Why are you opening SPAM and Nigeria paychecks for? Don’t know don’t open. Delete and Block sender…simple…

I pretty much only update 7-zip when I see news of critical vulnerabilities :stuck_out_tongue: Glad MyCE is keeping me in the loop.

Those infections only happen if you open them and if you don’t know the email or popup what are you doing?

Why would you knowingly leave vulnerable software unpatched though? Also email and sketchy sites aren’t the only vectors of infection.