Critical flaw in Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe releases emergency fix for Flash Player

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Um… trojans can be installed no matter what. Unless I have my terminology confused, I do believe trojans are seemingly decent program with malware hidden in them; the user installs this software of his/her own will, typically without realizing what they are really getting. (cough cough Windows cough)

Perhaps it’s a virus that gets installed… or perhaps you get a new “feature” Adobe didn’t want us to know about (which is unlikely, since the announcement came from Adobe, who has already produced a “security update”).

It was Kaspersky that stated it was a Trojan but my take on this would be that Trojans are still programs that appear to be something else regardless of whether they’re installed accidently by yourself or via flaws in other software.

So using a security flaw to install a Trojan would seem to be a valid description to me.