Critical flaw found in MSN Messenger

I just posted the article Critical flaw found in MSN Messenger.

Another flaw in a Microsoft product, how unespected.

There are alternative programs for using msn like Trillian in wich you can use MSN without using the messenger program from…

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Quit crying. All software has flaws.

Indeed it is inpossible to make huge software programs without mistake’s Maybe nice to know for you al in every 10 line’s of program code a fault is there. and in a boing 747 are 8.000.000 lines of code. well think about how many faults that are.

But the Boeing 747 has a good track record…

Unless you put Al-Quida behind the wheels :+

fb-: Exactly, even Linux crashes, and most of you guys seem to swear by that. These security flaws are almost stupid anyway, what are the chances that someone is going to try and break into your system using your MSN Messenger, chatting with you a while, then sending you some malicious code. This is rediculous.If you want security, make your system stand alone and disconnect the internet, otherwise just DEAL WITH IT.

It makes you wonder???..with all the beta testers out there (a beta tester being anyone using any microshaft program), how could they release a program with so many flaws…my theory is that they must be so inundated with complaints that they “release and be dammned…BWAHHhahahahahaha…what the hell else are the dumb bastards going to use…”. Of course this is only a theory…:7