this morning there were a pimple on my face, i scratched it.

this afternoon when i looked at it again, it’s turning into a mole.


OMG OMG OMG i’m so sacred!

it was only months ago i finally got my life long mole cutted off, now all i did was scratched a little bit of the pimple and now it’s showing definite signs of what a mole looks like and feels like!
i’ve apply a massive amount of pimple cream onto the mole, but i need so advice on what immediate step i should take next to ensure the ******* would never come to fruition! it must be destroyed at all cost!

should i attempt to “pop it?”, poke it with a knife maybe? (not kidding)

please help! T_T

Go to the doctor. do not take a knife to your face, ever.

[QUOTE=alan1476;2051017]Go to the doctor. do not take a knife to your face, ever.[/QUOTE]

but the last time i had my mole removed it hurts so much! my face was swollen and i’m not allow to wash my face for one week! T_T

Go see your Dr. It might be nothing that bad but if it is, waiting will only make things harder. Stop the cream until you see your Dr. and see what he wants you to do. Until you see your Dr. Keep it clean by washing it with an antibacterial soap and warm water.

Then why would you ask for help from mere mortals?

Simple solution

The only way to be sure…

oh i don’t like the look of this…i have the symptons…

Might have been a spider or some sort of bug bite? You have the worse luck…

Get to your Doctor or an emergency room & use the advice given.

[QUOTE=coolaid;2051039]…i have the symptons…[/QUOTE]

THE SYMTONS!!! You’re history dude…
Can I have your computer?

Cutting of moles can be very risky, you may invoke bleeding that can not be stopped without medical treatment. Go see a Doctor.


lol I was thinking same thing

Lol … I think this case is marginally better than having your dick cleaned by your grandma … I mean … wtf?

[QUOTE=pipemanid;2051060]THE SYMTONS!!! You’re history dude…
Can I have your computer?[/QUOTE]

Yo Big D - (and I do mean Dubious)


[QUOTE=pipemanid;2051060]THE SYMTONS!!! You’re history dude…
Can I have your computer?[/QUOTE]

LOL! :bigsmile:

In all seriousness, as others have said, if you have a mole that’s come back after being cut out once, see your doctor.

There’s really no other advice that can be given.

Yep, see a doctor - don’t go operating on yourself!

…unless the mole looks like this:

in which case you had better contact pest control or a veterinarian instead of a doctor. :stuck_out_tongue: