Critical choice, a dvd-rom drive?


which drive of this list to buy in first ? :confused:

ASUS DVD-E616P2 (Pioneer based like the P1 ?)
Toshiba SD-M1912 (worst than the SD-M1802 ?)
Aopen 1648/AAP Pro (worst than the no Pro ?)
Liteon SOHD-167T (worst than the SOHD-166S ?)
Plextor PX-116A (clone of Pioneer ?)
Philips PCDV5016G
BenQ 1650T (clone of above Philips ?)
Samsung TS-H352 (clone of Toshiba SD-M1912 ?)
Teac DV-516E
Sony DDU-1613 (Liteon rebadged ?)
MSI MS-8216

Could you class by preference the above list ?

criterias are:

-drag and drop fast speed copying
-low noise
-maximum compatibility with a lot of cd and dvd media (donโ€™t need dvd-ram)
-robust mechanics

If you have an other drive to advice me, be welcome. :bow:
Thank you.

who dare wins ! BenQ DW1620 Pro@B7T9
Iโ€™m looking for Aopen DVD1648/AAP Pro

From your own signature. :slight_smile:


you advice me the Aopen DVD1648/AAP Pro ?