Crippled Verbatim DL discs?

I have happily used Verbatim DVD+R DL discs with Imgburner / Nero / Alcohol with my LiteOn DVDR SOHW 1673S burner with no problems until my latest purchase of the DVD-R DL discs in Australia. All 3 above utilities report the new discs as ‘not empty’ and will not record. Alcohol 120% reports a 2k file at the beginning of the disc hence the error message.

Looking at media info:

The old successfull discs were:

ID MKM 001 Mitsubishi Kgaku Media

The new unsuccessful discs were:

ID MKM 01RD 30 Disk application code:2 / Disc physical code 145

It looks like the DVD-R DL discs have been crippled to accept data only but not image writing software - presumably as an anti-backup measure. Or is this some limitation inherent in -R media ?

Anyone care to comment ?


MKM 01RD 30 is a DVD-R DL MID
Your 1673 doesn’t support writing to DVD-R DL meida.

Ooops - glad I didn’t buy the bulk pack :{ Thanks for the rapid info :slight_smile:

MKM 001 = DVD+R DL media

MKM 01RD30 = DVD-R DL media

Your LiteOn SOHW 1673S drive simply does not support writing DVD-R DL media. It has nothing to do with “anti-backup measures” of any sorts.

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You have the option of crossflashing your 1673 to a 1693 firmware that does support DVD-R DL writing. At least your discs would not go to wate that way.
Standard crossflashing voids warranty disclaimers apply of course.

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Crossflashing to 1693 seems to be a nice option here. :wink: