Criminal Minds blooper about Amarillo Texas



This seems like the part of the forum to post this.

Since I live in Amarillo Texas I noticed this.

There was a scene at a convenience store/truckstop.
There was a large “Welcome to Amarillo” sign .
This sign doesn’t exist.
Further on the sign in had “home of Dry Creek High School” . There isn’t one. To add further mistakes it listed the school team as Longhorns This is a school team here but for Caprock High School .
It futher proclaims “State Champions” That is true for Caprock but only for girls wrestling AFAIK.
Further inside the store it had a State Champions banner or sign.

So come on fact checkers of Criminal Minds at least try to get it right.

While I’m on this there is a movie . I think it is Twister . It shows a “wind farm” near Amarillo. This also doesn’t exist. There may come a time when many are built here but not this one.



Actually they are intentionally creating fictional places, signs, etc, to avoid insulting anyone.

would you want to be associated with the serial killer that TV drama portrays them chasing?

BTW if you really want to “Fact check” fact check how many serial killers have been apprehended via a profile, let alone apprehended/shot dead/etc, by FBI profilers.

I’ll save you some time researching, the answer is NONE.
(let alone every-damned-week as portrayed on the show)

compared to that one HUGE inconvenient fact the ones you point out are unseen dust bunnies under the sofa of a living room during a Better homes and Gardens photo shoot…

On another forum someone was complaining about the fact that the “Absaroka County” in Wyoming names in the A&E series “Longmier” doesn’t exist…

a pet peeve I have is with the various CSI shows, where cops in CSI-Miami freak out like startled parakeets when a citizen they are talking with turns out to be “packing heat”… when in reality Floridians are statically one of the most likely to be LEGALLY armed (Florida was one of the first “Shall Issue” states)

Or on the original CIS (Vegas) when investigating some suspect they mention “they don’t have any rifles registered”, which shouldn’t be a surprise because last I checked Nevada doesn’t have a hand-gun registry let alone one for Rifles and shotguns, the scrip writers don’t seem to understand that outside of California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts & Connecticut
(and a few others) “Registration” is something only applied to voting and motor vehicles.


Allan , I just noticed it because I live here .
For the serial killer association . He was just passing through.
The incorrect sign was at a fake convenience store truckstop.
The serial killer ended up killing the store clerk anyway.
It wouldn’t have mattered if the sign had been correct about the High School.

I’m sure that there are many bloopers in all the shows every week.
I just noticed this one because it involved where I live.

One thing I have against Nevada’s gun laws is they don’t recognize Texas concealed carry permit. I won’t get into it but IMO the Second ammendment is all the permit a US citizen should need in any state or Washington DC. All state gun laws are unccnstitutional . In that any limit is an infringement.
The one exception is for hunting game & I agree to make it more sporting the plug limit for a shotgun when hunting is OK.