CRIA study suggest file sharing youths have lost all morals

I just posted the article CRIA study suggest file sharing youths have lost all morals.

heystoopid used our news submit to tell us "Whilst browsing the web at another website they had a link, to this particular article, in regard to a telephone/ web poll from Pollara funded…

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This is overgeneralised … maybe it’s just some poor kid can’t afford music, or can’t get it any other way - doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a delinquent, shoplifting, cheating etc.

All this talk about the erosion of morality coming from the RIAA and their ilk rings hollow coming from an industry that has been trying to destroy traditional morality. Just look at gangster rap. To them I say: You have reaped what you have sowed. It serves them right. In any case, this phone poll only shows a connection between age and shoplifting, not a connection between filesharing and shoplifting. What they would really want to show is that young Candians, ages 18-29, that do file-share are more likely to shoplift than young Canadians who do not file-share. This phone poll does not do this and is thus nothing more than spin. It is hard to make phone polls statistically valid anyway.

I forgot to mention… Phone polls can also be manipulated by the wording of questions and the like.

I wonder if the fact that CRIA paid for the study had anything to do with the results? rolls eyes

“file sharing youths have lost all morals…” Well, i guess that just puts all of us on even ground with the dmn politicians! :r It used to be government “of the people, by the people, for the people”… It seems as if now a days it government "of the money, by the money, for the money, fck the people"…! It’s a sad day indeed when I have to say that I embarrassed to live in the United States. :frowning:

the age bracket they studied is probably the age bracket with the lowest disposable income, f***ing criaa. Sharing of music is legal here because of the damned levy on cd’s anyways (btw whoever wrote that up got it wrong, there is no levy on blank dvd’s, only cd’s). ouch my virgin ears! expletive modified.
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Moral is just a a standard set by society, it’s what’s commonly accepted. So if it’s commonly accepted that downloading is ok, then it’s moral to download.

I may be wrong, but as a child in elementary school, I heard the same things said about the generation of the so-called flappers of the 20’s, and from my Grandparent’s generation about the kids of the turn of the century. I guess kids will be kids.:slight_smile:

Pure unadulterated propaganda. Goebbels would have been proud.
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It’d be real pity if the youth of today dropped their morals anymore. Hell! it’d be a world full of record and movie company execs and nobody doing anything else, cause they are the only ones with less morals.

The article was about Canada, not the US. Quit trashing the country for no reason.

When I was young, they said rock and roll would make you do all those bad things, turns out they were right:)

haha i would love to get a hold of these people or with a group of people. i’ve used peer to peer music crap, but i dont steal etc or anything. these people are so pathetic they will blame any failure on piracy and the net. I think they are the ones with less morals over charging thing, etc etc. they are all greey corporations

The CRIA is the LAST group on the planet to talk about morality. This is the group that’s pushing MP’s to change the copyright law to forbid the casual copying that the levy was SUPPOSED TO COMPENSATE FOR (whether you actually did or not). Meanwhile, despite their public statements to the contrary, they are NOT seeking to do away with the levy. They want it expanded, and changed so that more of the money is diverted to them instead of artists. That’s their main complaint on the media levy by the way – that it doesn’t collect ENOUGH money, and that the artists are getting too much what is collected. So if things go the way the CRIA want it, the media levy will no longer be a fine for crimes you may or may not have commited. Instead, it becomes a charity for underpriviledged music executives, where donations are mandatory. That’s their idea of morality.

88.7% of Statistics are made up on the spot - Spike Milligan

Politicians and those who are in the highest of powers do alot of evil deed’s some of which is hidden from people’s of all forms of goverment. Yet these people Politicians, RIAA, & like want to be examples of fine works lmao what a load of crap.

LOL! another worthless “study” done by Recording Industry representatives.

well, young & stupid age should have less morals than wise & old aged people btw, i cannot find any morals amoung so called copy rights cartels to push lol laws. if they keep their silence, then they would not sin for hypocrisy…what a pity

If Canadian teenagers are amoral, why can’t I get laid up there? :S Yeah, agreement that there are some generalizations in play there, but that’s nothing new – if you listen to the right people, EVERYTHING leads to youth becoming delinquents, criminals, hell-bound wayward souls, drug addicts, and STD carriers. Except of course Bible reading, parental involvement, threats to be shipped off to boarding school, going to military school, and total abstainance – those things are supposed to prevent all thought, ER I MEAN, problems among youth. :g