Creed - Can't seem to get a good Rip


Creed is driving me nuts. I can not seem to get a consistent rip. Tried both my drives (USB and Sata) on the desktop and the USB drive on a Laptop. It is all over the place. Here are my MD5’s so far:

addd8f75c163387476646ba8605579e4 - USB DeUHD
95c67e99256fc4e69ad3b02a52b3b7f8 - USB DeUHD
cfb740a990d54c09e15a4af3d1b0b0aa - USB Explorer
a1341932661197f70655f7890b3d2a7a - USB Explorer
cfb740a990d54c09e15a4af3d1b0b0aa - USB Explorer
6dccfd42136352cbdde3bc53f1ddd3b0 - SATA
6dccfd42136352cbdde3bc53f1ddd3b0 - SATA DeUHD
c3df1eec3796455bc40fcbb27cf0d149 - SATA Explorer
387d3737b8c4b39d1fb91210ab2e7554 - USB Explorer
b2d8d8f5426f114e9e5bd4f31016c489 - Sata DeUHD
3d08c91a4b255cb47acdb0c458a062cc - Sata DeUHD
5443996f8efa8e34324a0d8374c522c9 - Sata DeUHD
cfb740a990d54c09e15a4af3d1b0b0aa - USB Laptop Explorer
6dccfd42136352cbdde3bc53f1ddd3b0 - USB DeUHD
e18e0a3a109c17c30ca2fa7bedb19a60 - USB Laptop MD5 Straight from the Disc
16110e376163453f461a46efdbd613fb - USB Laptop File Explorer
db1ffdec0a627453a3c9632e964e6997 - Sata DeUHD

So far I have TWO & Different Matching Check Sums… I’ve also e-mail support…


I got a couple more "6dccfd42136352cbdde3bc53f1ddd3b0 " so I’m going with that rip. Looking closely at the disc is seemed to have a light oily film on it (that I’ve cleaned) that seemed to helped getting a more consistent rip (but still got one different checksum).