Credits not given to cdfreaks (bcn_246)

these guys copied the Safedisc Mini-Image guide from here and converted it to PDF but didn’t give any credits to the maker or cdfreaks. i’ve sent they a email, but i think more people should do it

to find the guide just google for: make mini image safedisc filetype:pdf
it’s the first result

Its very similar but its not a carbon copy. I dont think Ben copyrighted so not theres much he can do.


Unfortunately, this happens very often.
There is very little we can do, unless they do it again. Unless Ben himself wants to take action of course…then I’d be willing to help him.

Not nice are they. I might send them an email… seems a shame they think they have to nick a guide written by a 14 year old and cant do there own.

Thanks ssjkakaroto for poiting this out, I agree it isnt a carbon copy, but many of the images etc are exact. Im currently wriritng a email. To be honest I don’t really have any strong urge to make money from this, but obviosuly I would at least like some credit to be given from the company.
I am currently writing them a letter, obviously my letter writing style to such companies is still fairly immature and they are therefore unliely to take my seriously, so any suggestions to make it better (what to add/correct/remove) would be much appriciated. Should I mention my age? Would that be immature, unprofesional and as if trying to get sympathy? Anyway, here is the first draft:

Subject: Use of mini image guide.
Dear Kasper Vardrup,
I am writing concerning the use many parts of my guide, and the basic method of how to make/use a mini-image in the .pdf file entittled “How to Create a Mini Image” on your support page. The guide was created for free to help users be able to play legal backups of games they owned without having to insert the disc each time, having to store a very large full CD image on there hard drive or have to use a illegal “cracked” exe file. I did not write the guide with the intention of any monetry gain, and certainly did not expect others to recieve monetry gain from it either. You failed to contact me to discuss due credit/payment before publishing the guide.

If you still wish to discuss terms of use of the full guide (not having to change a few parts to say Battlefield_1942 when the screenshots show the Sims 2) please email me back. This was bought to attention to me by a member of the internet forum CDFreaks, and all corispondance between us will be shown there, so it is your companies reputation, not my personal one that risks damage.

Kind regards,

Ben Nicholls, UK

your guide is very useful ben, i’ve seen it in other forums but always with the credit for you and cdfreaks, it sure is a shame that a company thinks it doesn’t need to do the same :frowning:

I allways feel good when I see it posted on other free forums to help people, it shows it is valued.

The guide was done only to help people, and as long as this is done for free, with proper credit, I have no problem with it. What they did is stole it to assist people in the use of there comerical product. And gave no credit, even with the rewording, the images/layout, and basic idea is just like mine

Well I sent them an email… dont know if they will respond.