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how to shop online with a credit card

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Usually in the shop you can find instructions about how to insert the credit card number.

For online shopping I suggest to use pre-paid cards, because are safer in my opinion :slight_smile:

Most CC companies will, on request, create One-time-use CC numbers for you to use without giving up your number.


[QUOTE=luvtus;2571541]how to shop online with a credit card[/QUOTE]

should have https:// or reputable sites like amazon, newegg. But always research the company or online site your buying from before buying. As they said “When the deal is way to good to be true it most likely has some catches or is a scam”…

I use mine all the time but have started using my paypal account more since it gives an extra lay of protection. Most credit card companies will not hold you responsible if someone gets your info and uses it. I had chase call me month or so back to check on a charge that I did not make I told them so and they stop payment sent me new cards and did not charge me anything. That is only the second time I have ever had a problem with someone charging to one of my cards and I use them all the time online. I am not even sure what the inside of most stores look like since I buy online most of the time.