Creator of "Melissa" virus gets 20 Months



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Lodai used our newssubmit to tell us that the creator of the Melissa computer virus was sentenced Wednesday to 20 months in federal prison for causing damage worth millions of dollars by disrupting…

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Good job too. I hope they start getting others like him and do the same. We don’t need muppets like him about.


What! Only 20 Months? That’s not going to be long enough to get his memoirs out before he is. Incidentally, was Melissa someone in Smith’s life? I think we should be told; Helen of Troy caused less $ damage.


I agree with steelrat - people who maliciously create virusus and unleash them on the public deserve sentances like this. There’s no reason to program and release a virus other than just being a destructive jackass.


Should be harder, longer than that… Creating virus to kill people’s data is similiar to creating anthrax to kill people. Just that the target is different.


Wrong, but in no way is it like creating anthrax to kill people.


Yes it’s wrong but on the other hand, by releasing these type of codes people will learn to look more into security etc… So it’s a double edge sword.


So, everyone agrees that he should get more time for damaging about 80 mill worth of hardware, yet take a handful of people that post on here that make illegal backups of software totalling more that a few hundred mill and you’ll hear those people state it’s because the companies charge too much for the software in the first place. Granted, what he did was wrong and I don’t feel sorry for him, but what will be said when someone you know gets jail time for downloading pirated software?


< Yes it’s wrong but on the other hand, by releasing these type of codes people will learn to look more into security etc… So it’s a double edge sword. > Good point. Its like how hackers end up helping security and other software applications. It hurts, but ends up helping.


Alright Geezerz ! Dis particular geezer should receive a shity stick beatin’ every hour on-da-hour ! Why don’t assholes like dis spend time cracking copy protections and da like - instead he does wot anyone else could do - simply fuckin’ peoples systems up. Dis in my opinion is equal to breakin’ in to a geezerz home – whip dis wankerz fuckin’ ass. Laterz … . :4


Maybe we should whip the people that crack copy protection on CDs. It’s basically the same thing as what he did - just on a different level. The reason for copy protection is because people steal software that programmers take tons of time making. Is it ok by you if someone stole your car? Don’t you lock your doors at night? Don’t people run firewalls on their PCs? So, by that point, people that crack copy protections are just as bad as people that let virii out on the net. Think about it.


I personally hate copy protections on my cds because they are a bitch to back-up a 1:1 copy. They also cause applications to take (much) longer to load, compared to their cracked equivalents. I understand the purpose of copy protections in the attempt to stop illegal copying, but why must a legit consumer suffer in this case?


Holy computer code Batman…20 months !!! If only he used his genius for good and not evil Robin…:4


As silly as what Sherrif said is, I agree with him. If anyone wants to make a “Virus”, the only reason they should make and spread one is to get others to fix their security issues. The code they distribute should be non destructive, but be enough to catch attention of those responsible for the weak code the “hacker” circumvented so it can be fixed.


“and to a federal charge of sending a damaging computer program” why hasn’t bill gates been arrested. hehe


It’s different. If someone stole my car, I wouldn’t have a car anymore. If I copy someone’s software they still have a copy, and they don’t have to go without. If you could make copies of your neighbors car I don’t think they would really mind.


And as for the software makers and music artists. Some statistics would show that casual copying only helps them get their name out to make more money then they would have. The only piracy that hurts them is rampant piracy where someone is making money off it, and doing it in bulk. But even if someone is losing money off copying. Well I’m sorry for them, but I don’t know who they are. It’s not my problem. I just can’t care about everybody. There would be too many funerals to go to in the end.


Hi Chaps… Aren’t we missing the point here going on about copy protection? What the hell’s that got to do with virus’s??? This blob-knob and others like him are destroying vital data on vital systems all over the world… Yeah, sometimes the intention is to hit only other small users but hey, what sort of sad, twisted pillock sits writing this crap all day anyway. The end result for them is to make themselves smile at the knowledge they’ve caused a bit of havoc for a while. Except now it is us who are smiling because this divvy is the first of many to find he can’t get away with it. And tough titty to him… he should have got a minimum 5 years!!! He’ll probably be out in a year and make a fortune selling his story to the press or write a book. Irony or what?? Greetz All… :8


If people want to expose security holes software, why don’t they just tell the writer and then if the writer wants proof, then show them. Don’t just release a destructive piece of software that uses that hole!