Creator Classic disappears

I am currently using Roxio version 7.5. After burning on session of data (photos) on a CD or DVD, when I go to burn additional data, the program opens, then after a few seconds, completely closes. Additionally, I am now noticing on some CDs, that even if the program stays open, it won’t burn, indicating I must put in a new disc. I have a lite on 1693s in case anyone is curious. Any suggestions what may be going on?

Sorry to belabor the obvious, but are you importing the previous session?

Never get the chance to import…the program disappears.

If you just load Roxio and let creator classic sit there, does it stay loaded? Which OS are you running?

Yes…until I put a disc in which I have burned some date previously.

And it works ok with blank CDs?

Which OS?

OS- Windows XP and yes it works with blank discs. Once information is burned, then it acts up.

Next time it disappears go to Task Manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del) and see if any part of Roxio is still in memory. Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is a strange one.

No…it is not running after it disappears. YES…it is strange. Roxio support provided some guidance which also was no solution.

What did Roxio say?

This was Roxio’s response:

Fix 1) Click Start, Run and type in the following line:

regsvr32 “X:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\DAO360.DLL”
X= your hard drive letter, where XP is located.
(there is a space between regsvr32 and the quotation)

You should see a message that the registration succeeded. Click ok and see if things are better.

Fix 2) If the above didnt help…

a) Click on Start, Click Run, Type regedit and click ok

b) Navigate to HKEY_Current_User\Software\Roxio

c) Right click on the Roxio key and choose permissions

d) Give Administrators and System full control

Fix 3)

Remove the existing Media Manager database

You will need to show hidden folders. This can be done by clicking on my computer, go up and click on tools, then folder options. then view. Make sure show hidden folder is checked and click apply.

a. Close all open applications, especially Roxio applications

b. Open my computer

c. Double click on the C: drive and browse to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Roxio where USERNAME is the name of the user you are currently logged in as.

d. Right click on the MediaManager folder and choose rename

e. Call the folder MediaManager.old

f. Now try launching the Easy Media Creator 7 Home or Media Manager

(Fix 4) Download AdAware and clean any spyware found on your system

Roxio also recommended disabling all startup processes then trying it. Maybe find a conflict, but even if I would, I WANT to run what I currently have. If Roxio’s software doesn’t play well with others, I would have to consider other software.

This may sound dumb but did you try just uninstalling it, getting rid of every trace in both the systems folders and registry and reloading it :confused: