Creator 9 User trying to overcome CSS



I purchased Roxio Creator 9 and would like to back up my DVDs despite CSS. Which decryption software enables Creator 9?

Also, I see that the U.S. is not included in some of your country listings. Does the U.S. law allow DVD’s to be backed up?

Thanks, eagle8380


Roxio won’t backup CSS copy protection and it never will.

You will ahve to use a 3rd party program to copy the DVD. Something like RitIr4Me -> DVD Decrypter. You could then I suppose use Roxio to burn the resultsing files but I would stick with either DVD Decrypter or use the newer burn software ImgBurn to burn themk back. Will do a better job all around.

As to your other qquestion I can’t remember but so long as you don’t sell them or distribute them I doubt they would prosicute or even find out.


Thanks Womble.


More help please! Thanks to, I downloaded AnyDVD2 and CloneDVD2 and was able to burn my first DVD. But I want to edit some of it, so I downloaded DVDLab Pro 2 and ran into 3 problems:

  1. I am able to take some sections out, but when I play it back the picture freezes momentarily before skipping to the next section. Is my DVD player just too slow?

  2. I lost my audio track.

  3. DVDLAB Pro 2 would not burn so I had to send the new file through the Roxio burning package. So I had to go through three programs to do what I wanted. Can anyone help me streamline the process? Hopefully this will help with number 2 as well.

Thanks for your help.


Never used DVDlab pro 2 & not sure what you are trying to do but you can remove all the extras in a movie backup with clonedvd2. Just select main movie only and remove any audio that you dont want or subtitles. Usually you want to keep the first audio listed or you might get directors comments or no audio at all. BTH welcome to forum.


I want to be able to edit content out of the main track. I don’t think CloneDVD2 will allow me to do this. So I think I need DVDLab or something similar. So I still have the 3 problems above.