Creative Zen Vision W Tip

After much experimenting with DVDFab I found a way to get DVDs onto it. I use the PVP setting, with Vision W selected, but upped the resolution to 640x480 with 2-pass and 128mb sound. This creates a very large .avi file (1.5GB) however the high resolution allows the Zoom feature on the unit to work very well…and you have to zoom to get the image to fill the screen. 2.35 true widescreen movies do have black bars top and bottm but this is common with most units. There is no Zen W setting anywhere near 2.35:1 because the physical screen is 1.85 or 16:9 or thereabouts.
The Creative media handler transfered the 640x480 files no problem.

You can also try many of the Merge and Create Files techniques in DVDFab but they all have the same problem - they create VOB files with no names and you cant rename the resulting mp4 or wmv or avi files… So you have to create a folder on the Zen for each movie, a pain. And the results are no better.

I’m confused, to what purpose are you doing this?

The Zen:W native screen resolution is 480 x 272 so you aren’t increasing the resolution at all and by zooming the picture all you do is lose resolution and lose actual picture.

I don’t use any of Creative’s crappy software. I just copy my whatever and paste it where i want on my Zen W.