Creative Zen overheating error, and now just a white screen?



Creative Zen overheating error, and now just a white screen?

Hi, My Creative Zen mp3 player, 8Gb, 2 years old recently decided not to work properly, it’s the first time in 2 years of loyal service it finally failed on me

It happened like this:

I turned it on, and first it began to execute commands without me pressing any buttons, like skipping to next song, or pausing, in a wild frenzy of quick actions, and strange colours.

Then a error message, “overheating, shutting down” appeared, and then the player shut down, but the player did not feel hot, there were no sounds coming from the player, and i have never left it in a hot place, ever

I left it alone overnight, the next morning, i turned it on again, the error message came up again one more time, and then i turned it off again,

the third time i turned it on, no more error message, now simply it turn on to a white screen, which fades into a lighter white, or like a grey, and after 20 seconds, goes to black (off again, by itself).

I tried to connect via usb to my laptop, and at first it appeared in my computer, but i wasn’t able to keep the connection, and now it doesn’t connect at all

What do i DO?


Don’t really have an answer. I had a Creative X-FI MP3 player which failed after 14 months. I turned it on and instead of seeing my startup screeen, all I saw was some black and white patters (like looking at a cow). Fortunately, I had a SquareTrade extended warrranty on it and they refunded my purchase price. I looked at the newest Creative X-FI, but aftre my experience, went with a Microsoft Zune HD instead. Since you are out of warranty, I doubt that Creative will do anything for you, and the cost of repairing it will likely be equal to cost of replacing it. If the player has a reset button of some sort, you might trying this (you might have to stick a paper clip into a hole), but my quess is that it won’t work. Even if you could connect to your laptop long enough to transfer the files, that would be a good thing. If not, let this be a learning experience to always back up your MP3 files to a PC, external drive…etc., just in case. I learned this the hard way when I had a Rio MP3 player and dropped it.