Creative X-Fi Update by Daniel_K

June 2008 edition of CPU magazine (page11) said a guy named Daniel Kawakami made an update by modding Creative drivers,but was shut down by Creative, then later backtracked on their demands he cease modding their software.But,I can’t find anything but online commentary about this.I was wondering if anyone found any safe links to this update?

Try here:

Thanks for the link,I had to go out of town so I am glad to discover I had a response.

Are you running Vi$ta 64 bit? I’ve been having trouble with loading the Media Source5 and my bass and treble along with my EQ not working after.

Here is my thread and i hope it helps >

I had no issues using the disc to install the X-FI drivers and software on my system. Now the audiogy there was issues installing on vista.