Creative wins a patent for interface used on many MP3 players



I just posted the article Creative wins a patent for interface used on many MP3 players.

  Not that  long ago, Microsoft was  in the hopes of winning a patent for its  proposed MP3 player interface patent after Apple's similar proposal was  rejected.  Now, Creative which has...
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This sounds ludracris … patenting such a common navigation system :frowning: This is the end of innovatioN! I wonder whether they will sue software sompanies who design a media player in a similar way.




With the way patents are handed out these days, how long before no one gives a rats ass about them anymore and the patent laws become paper tigers?


I have the solution for all this crap. I’ll apply for a patent for the patent. That way, no else can patent anything without seeking my permission. Quite literally, “owned”:wink:


I’ll be one of the owners of the patent system :slight_smile: But I think this is outlawed.