Creative unveils Xmod claiming to make MP3 rival original CD

I just posted the article Creative unveils Xmod claiming to make MP3 rival original CD.

 While in  theory it is technically not possible to recover lost information as  a result of lossy compression, Creative apparently has developed a device  called the Xmod, which uses its X-Fi®...
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I too doubt very much about its efficiency on MP3 lossy sound. It is tempting though to try it on good hi-fi setup in between a CD player and an amplifier (tube one?). In theory if you take a clear 16 bit CD sound an up it to 24 it should make it MUCH more analog-like. Any word on dynamic range, s/n or distortions?

I must react on this for I have experience with this kind of electronics. Well just a little. I have a Panasonic DVD 5 Disc Changer, which does a similar technique. It replaces the sounds lost artificially. Then it Up samples the audio to double what it is up to 192KHZ, and I have to say it works, I have NEVER heard an MP3 sound so good. I actually find my self burning MP3 CD all the time just to play on my Pioneer receiver through this DVD player, they both do an incredible job in sound, and BASS and Highs well lets just say you can FEEL the music. The Bass is so good it rumbles my floor to my chest, I use a pair of old fisher speaker and 5.1 Panasonic speakers and well I fell in love. I finally have a sound system I am happy with for once in my life, a little old a little new and now well balanced. So I hope this device could be as good so I can run sound from my computer more often.:X

just as on the X-Fi cards, this does in no way restore any lost information, all it does is audio processing to create a sound that some people find pleasing while others don’t and the claim “improves music playback quality … to beyond the original CD quality” is just subjective poppycock, a CD would invariably sound “better” if subjected to the same processing chain as a more compressed source and for those who find this sound pleasant, there is software that does the same job for way less than 80 bucks
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if xmod can filter out electrical noise & amplify the signal without much of distortion, it could create better sound even without adding estimated high frequency components. i think what it does are 1. applying custom equalizer (i.g. increasing bass) 2. processing signals to mimic the surround by applying preset filters 3. estimating high frequency components assuming certain conditions this is like consumer digital cameras/camera phones that do the noise reduction. most consumers prefer higher saturation than exact color matching & lower noise than the details. these kinds of processing might please some, but they do so through inreversible process software dsp process can do the same thing on mp3 but it would be more difficult to use than xmod + signal boost & electrical noise reduction alone can give a noticable difference btw, 192khz of oversampling wouldn’t give you any better sound unless filter components are not good enough to cut off the alised noise completely; it other words, 192khz means a marketing version of cheaper noise filter solution that every other audio deivces employ

twit is quite correct, it’s impossible to add back in what’s been taken out without access to the original; all this device does is signal processing which makes the audio appear ‘better’. This device also appears to just be a standalone version of that included in the Xi-Fi sound card. Thus, in order to judge it’s effect just find somebody with that card and ask them to enable it.

Hey Creative how about fixing all the X-Fi sound cards with crackling and poping noise? :S

The claim is, in a word: B******t!!! Not physically possible. End of discussion. They made the same claim with their Crystalizer or whatever they call it with the X-Fi. More typical Creative Labs lies. Guess they didn’t learn from that class action suit they lost on the capabilities of the Audigy where they again lied about its 24-bit audio “capabilities”.
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I don’t know about you all, but lame, which is free, does a damn good job converting to a .mp3 VBR and still sound like the original off CD. I have even read that the only way to tell a difference would be to compare both versions on high-end equipment.

i t hink that soft of problem has been there since soundblaster live era…so creative labs hasn’t fixed the problem completely for serveral years now. the problems seem to be related to the pci bus latency setting which isn’t really accessible easily if at all; via had tons of pci problems and this was the one of the major problem; now, it seems that nvidia chips also have same problem creative labs drivers have been sucky for long time

If you compare the original and mp3 on my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 / Monsoon Planar media 14s PC speakers (definitely NOT high-end gear), the mp3 is pretty easy to tell form the original even when using LAME 3.97 Final at -V2. In short that claim is pure hype. Maybe the person who made the claim had a Creative Labs card and Logitech speakers - you know, the typical low-end PeeCee stuff. 'nuff said.

Reminds me of SRS WoWThing which was very cool.

Creative X Mod viz a viz SRS WowThing? I just did a retro on the srs wowthing box and I vote it the best gadget in psychoacoustics that I have ever come across… and… it sounds heaps better than its full software version of srs sandbox… If anyone can get their hands on any remaining wowboxes available on the net… do it NOW! and you wont regret this amazing piece of ubber gadget. I think SRS should bring that thing back into production. Cheers!