Creative Troubles

ok well im working on a friends computer.

i dont know creative products that well…but the cdrw is a 8x4x32. but in windows the device is detected as a “Creative RW8439” there is no such model that i know of ?

its got the original firmware (1.05 i think). it wont let me install the new firmware 1.07 cause it says it cannot find the drive, and to check the connections etc.

the drive works fine until it comes to clone CD. SAO mode works fine but RAW+96 gives an error “command sequence error {5:0x2c:0x00}”

NOTE: says that this drive works in raw+96 under firmware 1.07 and above…so i believe thats the reason for the error.

any suggestions ?
thanks in advance.
P.S system = win 98SE, p3 866, azus mobo, 64mb ram, no sound.

It is not a Plextor, but some unknown brand.

Maybe your drive is not correctly configged. I mean is the the master/slave/cs setting correct? This could screw up your config bigtime! :cool:

IDE primary/master settings are fine.

it will write a CD in RAW SAO mode…but not in RAW + 96.
i rang creative, they said that windows has detected the drive correctly, as the 8439E is a revised model of the 8432E (but has the same specs). so this means that the 8432 firmware will not work (understandably)

buuuut…if they are the same drive, and using the latest firmware and says it should work.

it HAS to be firmware. ive tested the drive in every way posible and i cant fault it.

So incase anyone is wondering, CREATIVE LABS CDRW 8432E, model# 8439E using original firmware does not support RAW + 96.

only RAW SAO.


The original 8432 was a Plextor, what Creative have replaced it with, to my knowledge, has not been discovered by anyone yet.
Suffice to say that Creative have lied to you, and to everyone else who thinks they are are actually getting a, reported by windows, 8432.

Ok then I also am unfortunate enuff to own a creative 8439e.
It is a matsushita drive model cw 7586 and u can get firmware version 1.08 from

It doesn’t let you use clone cd with it reading subchannell data that I have been able to work out yet.
If you ever hear how to use this drive with clonecd please let me know

creative has done the same thing with the 12/10/32. The original was a plexor based drive, but then they started putting out a drive called the 1210e, which is what I have. I tried to update the firmware from the creative labs site, which supports the 121032, but of course this doesnt work, and the site doesnt support the 1210e. My advice is creative labs sucks.