Creative to release a Zen Media Center (portable video player)

I just posted the article Creative to release a Zen Media Center (portable video player).

With several video based portable players springing up, Creative plan on releasing
its version known as theCreative Zen Portable Media Center. As its name suggests, this player…

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PC Pro previewed an early model a couple of months ago. However, I can’t see it being very popular because of the heavy DRM. All file transfer HAS to be done through WMP to verify its authenticity. :r

Quote from PC Pro’s article: File transfer is done exclusively through Windows Media Player - you can’t just drag and drop files over using Windows Explorer, so using it as a hard disk is out of the question. This is primarily to stick with Microsoft’s commitment to DRM (Digital Rights Management) - every file has to be verified to ensure the track has been purchased, not downloaded illegally. Different rules will obviously apply to recorded television programs, though exactly what these will be are as yet undisclosed. May be a bad mistake for Creative. . .
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Can anyone verify whether you can drag and drop with an Ipod? I was thinking of getting one but I’m not sponsoring any DRM technology.

From what I have heard a while back, drag & drop support is possible on the iPod for storing non audio content (at least on an iMac). Music must be transferred using iTunes, but the only restriction I am aware of is that music cannot be transferred back off the iPod to the PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried several Ipods (including the new mini), and here is what I can tell you. You can access the hard drive directly from Windows, but you can not add music that way. You can not easliy copy music from the Ipod to your computer and I don’t think you can do it at all with protected tracks purchased from iTunes. All music must be added through iTunes, but it does not attempt to verify uprotected content. You can transfer any mp3 or wav file through iTunes without a hassle. I believe you can do the same with unprotected aac files, but it only works well with quicktime aac files. I could not get it to work with outer aac encoders, but I did not try very hard. The files should have id3 tags so their names will appear correctly on the ipods screen. There are programs (legal or illegal?) that will allow you to more easliy remove music from an ipod, but I have never tried them. Check out for more information.