Creative sound loss!

Hi guys need your help.
The problem is i have lost my rear sound both left and right on my creative 5300 / 5.1 inspire speakers.
The only thing that i’ve updated is xp sp1 and got the latest creative drivers, tried putting the old drivers of the creative and still nowt !!!
I’ve sent an error report to creative and should get something back for 2morrow.
Ive also read on warp2warp forum that issues also arising with gaming effects ?
Anyway if anyone else has a problem please let me know:)
Just to let you know i,ve run the diagnostics and it says ALL OK,
the sub works too…


hmm… check your wiring … and check the mixer’s fader setting… front/rear … try switching the front and rear plugs (if that’s possible…i only have 4.1, i can switch the front and rear wires)
and try again…

do you hear the

front left, front right

(if they were the same things you hear on a 5.1 test, of course, again i only have 4.1)

Private Message me… whatever happens =), btw i use audigy and 4.1 and XP SP1 no prob…