Creative sound dirver Hack somewhere?

You know when you use Audigy 2 sound card and insert DVD-Audio cd, it gives you message that digital recording is disabled because of some bla bla anti piracy and so on, is there hack for driver that could allow such recording because i want to backup my audio dvd to pc.

I don’t believe that DVD-Audio’s protection (CPPM) has been cracked yet.

Have you tried holding shift key down when you insert the disk? Just wonder if that works like it does for protected CD’s

I dont mean to crack protection its just creative drive which not allows to use digital recording on DVD-Audio

DVD-Audio has a protection like DVD-Video CSS protection but it is much stronger. Since the DVD-Audio disc is protected, Sound Blaster can not allow you to do anything with it but play it via analog outputs. If digital playback was allowed, then copying or recording would be possible and this would violate the copy protection rules.

It’s the same as when you put a DVD movie in you’re PC and try to copy the contents to the hard drive with Windows Explorer. If the movie has CSS, the files will be garbage once transferred.

So you trying to saying that its in hardware to not only driver?

It’s not really a hardware issue. If someone cracks the CPPM protection like they did CSS, then you will be able to copy your DVD-Audio to your hard drive. Not sure if a hacked Audigy driver would do the trick or not.

But man i speaking not of copying, but recording it with soundcard while its digitally played, if its possible to record multi channels this way and mentain original quality of record, thats why i need hacked audigy driver.

If it would play through the KX Drivers, you may be able to use a custom patch panel layout to redirect the ouput to the recording channels - depends where the decoding is.

If the audio is decoded before it gets to the soundcard, then ripping with “Total Recorder” may be a possibility.

He’s got a good point. Even if there is no crack for the encryption on DVD-Audio discs, you are allowing WinDVD (for example) to decode it, and pass it on to the Creative cards. I don’t want to digress too far here but 1) WinDVD will only pass uncrippled DVD-Audio to Creative cards (check their website) all others are downsampled and 2) Creative Audigy2 cards can’t playback unmolested 24/96, the DSP isn’t wired that way (if you want to discuss the point 2, do it in a new thread, please, it is irrelevant to this discussion.)
If you could either fool WinDVD into passing the audio to some other fake “card” by making it think it was a creative device, then dump the pure digital feed to a file, or if you could hack or hook the creative driver to do the same thing, you could get real bit perfect DVD-Audio output this way. It would be kinda slow (1x / real time) but it’s a thought. I bet this would be easier to do than hacking the DVD decryption. Those of you that remember, before CSS was hacked a similar technique was used to grab DVD-Video (frame by frame grabs.)