Creative SB patch to improve DivX audio

I just posted the article Creative SB patch to improve DivX audio.

Submitted by: Vinny

As some of you might have noticed, DivX movies suck ass using a Creative PCI soundcard (except for the SB Live! folks),…

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I have not found any new driver for the pci series or
earlier SB series…
There also is no reference on the creative site to regarding DIVX!
Can you be more specific!?

Doesn’t matter. It does fixes the DivX bug on your installation CD driver. Check out the difference, it’s huge

And what about this?

- Improves quality audio layers of multimedia files.

And also DivX ofcource, since it’s a multimedia file

Vinny, does this affect the SB 64 AWE series?

Cuz i never had a problem with the AWE using divx, also, I looked under the PCI and I didn’t see any mention of what you wrote, but I don’t care anyway cuz I have an AWE. And the last new drivers for those were a long time ago.

sorry Vinny,

guess I’m not the only one…
cuz I see only revisions that
came out a long time ago!


I have a AWE64 and DivX sounds like crap using the drivers it came with. If you download the newer patch(which came out in 2 years ago) it helps with the audio.