Creative RW8438E flashing

Hey everyone. I own this RW8438E drive. It’s a rebadged Samsung SW-208F. Normal flashing is not possible because the firmware chip is protected. So I have a theory. Anyone knows the way of recovering a wrong-flashed motherboard?. You just find a similar BIOS, boot with it, then exchange the good one with the bad one and re-flash. Well, in this case, the good firm would be the original Creative FC03 (I CAN’T use CloneCD! And the original Samsung drive can use it!). I had an old CD reader, that contained a firmware chip too. Now I would like to know if I can flash the old CD-ROM chip with the Samsung SW-208F firmware. All the process is almost the same as the motherboard’s. But I need to know if the chip-swapping is possible, or just inserting the old chip and flashing is enough. Hope someone can help me about this. Thanks in advance.