Creative RW8432E: Could it be a Plextor?

A friend of mine gave me this drive:
Creative RW8432E CD/RW burner
I heard rumors that “some” of these drives have plextor internals.
I have the serial # ACAB201707647
TLA # 0407
It is made in Japan in April 2000
I googled for a site to identify it using the serial and or TLA numbers.
I’ve been to (Firmware site)

My reason for investigating this drive is I want to find out if it is a Plextor, so I can use it to burn CD+G
most CD burners don’t support burning CD+G directly
Plextors do, and Yamahas also do.
Yamaha optical drives no longer exist.
I know I could buy a new Plextor that burns CD+G, but this one was free and is going to be used in a second computer. (I haven’t installed it yet, so I only have the info printed on the drive itself, so Device manager info is not available unless I install it)

Where is a good site where I can look up this drive by the serial number? or other lookup method?

Thank you for reading this,

It should be a Plextor, but Creative might have sold drives from multiple manufacturers under one model number. Do some digging in Creative’s 1.09 update for the model and you’ll find this “PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W8432T1.0911/14/00 09:00”

No sites exist that catalog drives by their serial number.

I’ve never heard of a “TLA” code on anything that isn’t a Plextor - this is for the 12x models, they don’t seem to cover the 8x - some of the conversion hints there may also be of use with the 8x